Resigning from a currently enrolled course


Only a single resignation can be granted for each course of same language.

Resignations do not count as course repetitions and students keep their priority enrolment for the following year in the order established by the regulations. Once exception is when the student has requested a fee refund and it has been granted. In this case, if the student wished to re-enroll, the conditions for new students will apply.

Once the EOIBD grants a student a resignation, they will not be able to continue attending classes.

Resigning from enrolment does not necessarily entail a fee refund.

Students who leave a course before a resignation is granted will be considered “No-show” and the year will count towards course repetition.


  1. Submission of the resignation request (additional documents are not required) in one of two ways:
      • Hand in the printed form at the Department of Student Affairs.
      • Fill in the online form.

    To access the form, click here.

  2. You can check whether the request was granted or not on Centrosnet. In Historial/Expedient, the Situació field will show RENÚNCIA when the resignation request is accepted.


1rst term intensive courses: October 31, 2019

extensive courses: November 29, 2019

2nd term intensive courses: March 2, 2020

Fee Refund

In this case you will have to hand in both documents at the Department of Student Affairs: the resignation form and the fee refund form, no later than October the 4th (attaching the required documents, as stated in the fee refund form).

A resignation with fee return entails that the enrolment is cancelled for all intents and purposes, so the previous-year student condition and its advantages are also lost.