Official certificates

Official certificates can be obtained by being a student of official courses or sitting the exam as an independent candidate.

Official students: The courses offered at the Official Language Schools are divided into five levels that include the right to sit a certificate exam, and in the case of passing said exam, the right to obtain the corresponding certificate:

  • A2:                Beginner level certificate
  • B1.2 – B1:     Intermediate level certificate B1
  • B2.2 – B2:    Intermediate level certificate B2 (except for Korean)
  • C1:                Advanced level certificate (only for German, English, Catalan, French and Spanish for speakers of other languages)
  • C2.2 – C2:   Advanced level certificate (only for English and Catalan)

External candidates: External candidates who enrol for the following certificate exams can sit the exams, but do not have the right to attend classes to prepare.

  • Certificate of intermediate level B1 for all languages except for Catalan
  • Certificate of intermediate level B2 for all languages except for Catalan and Korean
  • Certificate of advanced level C1 for German, English, French, Spanish and Italian
  • Certificate of advanced level C2 for Catalan and English

You can look up more information on certificate exams clicking here.