Not all of next year’s courses are guaranteed to take place during the same time slot or day as this year’s. Course schedules are set based on teacher and classroom demand and availability.


INTENSIVE 1st TERM (September-January)

A109:00-0109:00 - 11:15Monday to ThursdayA determinar
A211:30-0211:30 - 13:45Monday to ThursdayArévalo, Pilar
B111:30-0111:30 - 13:45Monday to ThursdayA determinar
B2.111:30-3111:30 - 13:45Monday to ThursdayGamester, Stephen
B2.209:00-0209:00 - 11:15Monday to ThursdayArévalo, Pilar

BLENDED annual (September-June)

B111:30SC-2411:30 - 13:45WednesdaysPro, Sara
B116:15ST-3316:15 - 18:30TuesdaysGarcia, Maribel
B118:30ST-3318:30 - 20:45TuesdaysGarcia, Maribel
B2.109:30SJ-2409:30 - 11:45ThursdaysPro, Sara
B2.116:00SC-2416:00 - 18:15WednesdaysDomingo, Maite
B2.116:15SJ-4416:15 - 18:30ThursdaysFilip, Andrei
B2.118:30SJ-4418:30 - 20:45ThursdaysFilip, Andrei
B2.209:30ST-2409:30 - 11:45TuesdaysCano, Rosa Maria
B2.216:00SL-0116:00 - 18:15MondaysCabré, Josep Maria
B2.216:15ST-3716:15 - 18:30TuesdaysCifuentes, Herminia
B2.218:30SL-0118:30 - 20:45MondaysCabré, Josep Maria
B2.218:30ST-3718:30 - 20:45TuesdaysCifuentes, Herminia
C109:30ST-2209:30 - 11:45TuesdaysManero, Irene
C111:45ST-2211:45 - 14:00TuesdaysManero, Irene
C116:00SJ-2416:00 - 18:15ThursdaysOrtega, Xavier
C116:00SL-2116:00 - 18:15MondaysPonce, Xavi
C118:30SJ-2418:30 - 20:45ThursdaysOrtega, Xavier
C118:30SL-2118:30 - 20:45MondaysPonce, Xavi
C2.109:30SJ-2109:30 - 11:45ThursdaysSàbat, Montserrat
C2.116:00SC-0116:00 - 18:15WednesdaysOttewell, Jeremy
C2.116:00ST-2416:00 - 18:15TuesdaysDomingo, Maite
C2.118:15SC-0118:15 - 20:30WednesdaysOttewell, Jeremy
C2.118:30ST-2418:30 - 20:45TuesdaysDomingo, Maite
C2.209:30SJ-2209:30 - 11:45ThursdaysManero, Irene
C2.216:00SC-3116:00 - 18:15WednesdaysCano, Rosa Maria
C2.218:30SC-3118:30 - 20:45WednesdaysCano, Rosa Maria

EXTENSIVE annual (September-June)

A109:15DL-2209:15 - 11:30Mondays and WednesdaysBultó, Montserrat
A111:45DL-2211:45 - 14:00Mondays and WednesdaysBultó, Montserrat
A116:00DT-2216:00 - 18:15Tuesdays and ThursdaysBultó, Montserrat
A118:30DT-2218:30 - 20:45Tuesdays and ThursdaysBultó, Montserrat
A209:00DL-2309:00 - 11:15Mondays and WednesdaysJiménez, Marina
A209:00DT-3209:00 - 11:15Tuesdays and ThursdaysPonce, Xavi
A211:30DL-2311:30 - 13:45Mondays and WednesdaysJiménez, Marina
A211:30DT-3211:30 - 13:45Tuesdays and ThursdaysPonce, Xavi
A216:00DL-4516:00 - 18:15Mondays and WednesdaysGuicherd, Frédéric
A216:00DT-2116:00 - 18:15Tuesdays and ThursdaysA determinar
A216:15DL-2216:15 - 18:30Mondays and WednesdaysGarcia, Maribel
A218:30DL-2218:30 - 20:45Mondays and WednesdaysGarcia, Maribel
A218:30DT-2118:30 - 20:45Tuesdays and ThursdaysA determinar
B109:00DL-2409:00 - 11:15Mondays and WednesdaysAguilar, Andreu
B109:00DT-3609:00 - 11:15Tuesdays and ThursdaysZarandieta, Isabel
B111:30DT-3611:30 - 13:45Tuesdays and ThursdaysZarandieta, Isabel
B116:15DL-2316:15 - 18:30Mondays and WednesdaysCifuentes, Herminia
B116:15DT-4516:15 - 18:30Tuesdays and ThursdaysGuicherd, Frédéric
B118:30DL-2318:30 - 20:45Mondays and WednesdaysCifuentes, Herminia
B118:30DT-4518:30 - 20:45Tuesdays and ThursdaysGuicherd, Frédéric
B2.109:00DL-3209:00 - 11:15Mondays and WednesdaysA determinar
B2.109:00DT-3709:00 - 11:15Tuesdays and ThursdaysFarfan de los Godos, Julio
B2.111:30DT-3711:30 - 13:45Tuesdays and ThursdaysFarfan de los Godos, Julio
B2.116:00DL-0516:00 - 18:15Mondays and WednesdaysZarandieta, Isabel
B2.116:00DT-2316:00 - 18:15Tuesdays and ThursdaysJiménez, Marina
B2.118:30DL-0518:30 - 20:45Mondays and WednesdaysZarandieta, Isabel
B2.118:30DL-6518:30 - 20:45Mondays and WednesdaysOrtega, Xavier
B2.118:30DT-2318:30 - 20:45Tuesdays and ThursdaysJiménez, Marina
B2.209:30DL-3409:30 - 11:45Mondays and WednesdaysFilip, Andrei
B2.211:30DL-3211:30 - 13:45Mondays and WednesdaysA determinar
B2.211:45DL-3411:45 - 14:00Mondays and WednesdaysFilip, Andrei
B2.212:00DT-2412:00 - 14:15Tuesdays and ThursdaysRubio, Manuela
B2.216:00DL-7316:00 - 18:15Mondays and WednesdaysGamester, Stephen
B2.216:00DT-0616:00 - 18:15Tuesdays and ThursdaysA determinar
B2.218:30DL-7318:30 - 20:45Mondays and WednesdaysGamester, Stephen
B2.218:30DT-0618:30 - 20:45Tuesdays and ThursdaysA determinar
C109:00DL-2109:00 - 11:15Mondays and WednesdaysA determinar
C109:30DT-2309:30 - 11:45Tuesdays and ThursdaysCabré, Josep Maria
C111:30DL-2111:30 - 13:45Mondays and WednesdaysA determinar
C112:00DT-2312:00 - 14:15Tuesdays and ThursdaysCabré, Josep Maria
C116:00DL-0216:00 - 18:15Mondays and WednesdaysFarfan de los Godos, Julio
C116:00DT-0116:00 - 18:15Tuesdays and ThursdaysOttewell, Jeremy
C118:15DT-0118:15 - 20:30Tuesdays and ThursdaysOttewell, Jeremy
C118:30DL-0218:30 - 20:45Mondays and WednesdaysFarfan de los Godos, Julio