New students

Applicants are regarded as “New Students” in the school unless they completed a valid registration the year before for the same language they are applying this year.

  1. Calendar and procedure (simplified).
  2. Link to pre-registration platform. Find all the information here, but please note that pre-registration period begins September 1st.
  3. Class timesWarning: you must check the number of available places before registring on a given group.
  4. Fees
  5. Test dates. Only for applicants pre-registered in this school between September 1st and 5th.
  6. Admission list
  7. For furhter information,  click here 

Please, remember:

  • You may not enrol on a course if you have previously achieved that level at any EOI.
  • You may not register as external AND official student simultaneously for the same language.
  • Check here how many times you may enrol on the same course.
  • Candidates are urged to choose a class time according to their availability, as changes are subject to availability of places and are only granted in special and justified cases, or in the event of changes in your personal circumstances that have taken place on a later date to your registration.