New students

Anyone who was not enrolled on an official language course at this school in the immediately preceding academic year is considered to be a new student of that language.

Enrolment for the second term

Intensive courses 2016/2017

The languages offered are as follows:

Catalan – Chinese – English – French – German – Spanish for foreigners

Further information:

Please note the following:

It is not possible to enrol on a course that you have already passed.

It is not possible to enrol as an official student (alumnat oficial) and as an external examination candidate (alumnat lliure) in the same academic year.

To find out how many times you can enrol on a course, check out the possible combinations here.

Applicants must enrol on a time slot that is suitable for them, as changes can only be made when places are available, and on presentation of written proof of exceptional personal circumstances arising after the enrolment date.