New Students

Students not enrolled in an official language course in the EOIBD during the year immediately preceding enrolment are considered new students.

Rules and Steps to Follow

  1. Students must follow the enrolment procedure (candidates can pre-enrol in a A1 or higher course).
  2. To access a course higher than A1 students must either:
    • Pre-enrol for a placement test (for certain languages all pre-enrolled candidates can take the test, for others the number of places is limited and are awarded through a draw).
    • Or pre-enrol for a certain level for one of the following reasons:
      • The candidate has a passed an EOI course or certificate.
      • The candidate provides proof of a recognised course equivalence before enrolling (for a limited number of languages).
  3. Enrolment order is determined through a draw.

Students cannot enrol as both an EOIBD student and an external candidate of the same language during the same academic year.

For information regarding the maximum number of times students are allowed to enrol in a course please refer to this table.

Applicants must be enrolled for a time slot that is convenient to them, as time slot changes will only be accepted subject to availability and adequately justified.

Enrolment Calendar

Annual and 1st-term intensive or flexible coursesPre-enrolment in late August and/or early September and enrolment in September.
Information and specific dates are provided in late July.
2nd-term intensive or flexible coursesPre-enrolment and enrolment in January/February.
Information and specific dates will be provided in late December.