New Students

Any person who is not enrolled in an official language course the immediately previous year is considered a new student for said language.

Enrolment in extensive and first term of intensive courses

(except English C2.1)

Before you enrol you must take into consideration that, even though the school year 2021-2022 will start with a 100% in-person attendance, if health conditions require so, the percentage and system of said attendance could be modified, according to official instructions. It may be necessary to have INTERNET access and some electronic device (computer, tablet…).

These are the languages and timetables for the languages we offer:

Arabic, Basque, Catalan, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, ItalianJapanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish for foreigners

Information and procedure:

  • For Spanish as a second language, click here
  • For the rest of languages, click here

Access to the pre-registration and enrolment form, from the 31st of August (at 9:00) to the 3rd of September (until 14:00)

You can find more intormation here.


  • You will have to check your pre-registration status, during the different stages of the enrolment procedure, on our website or through the pre-registration form. We don’t send any information personally through SMS nor e-mail.
  • Enrolling both as an official student and an external candidate during the same year course is not allowed.
  • Students can enrol in each level twice at most. If you want to do so a third time, you will need an authorisation from the Secretary beforehand. You can apply for said authorisation through this form