Basic and intermediate (B1) levels

Since June 2008, students who have completed the 2nd year of a certain language obtain the Basic Level Certificate.

Since June 2008, EOIBD students who have passed 3rd (or 3rd B), or external candidates who have passed the corresponding formal tests obtain the Intermediate Level Certificate.


  1. The EOIBD issues the certificates automatically without requiring a prior request.
  2. Certificates can be picked up:
    • At the Secretariat (Official Courses), during office hours, showing the DNI, NIE or passport of the certificate awardee.
    • Alternatively, you can request that the certificate be sent to you by post (only in exceptional cases) at the Department of Student Affairs or by completing the online form.

    To access the form, click here.

Timing of Issuance

  • Extensive and 2nd term intensive courses and external candidates: from mid-October.
  • 1st term intensive courses: from early March.