Levels and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

EOI level certificates are comparable to those defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR) published by the Council of Europe.

Equivalences with the CEFR

Basic LevelOn the A2 (Basic User) boundary
Intermediate LevelIn the B1 (Independent User) range
Advanced LevelIn the B2 (Advanced Independent User) range
C1 Certificate (Catalan, English, French and German)In the C1 (Experienced User) range
C2 Certificate (Catalan)In the C2 (Advanced Experienced User) range

Certificate equivalences with other institutions

Certificates and qualifications issued by other state agencies or foreign equivalents have no official equivalences with EOI levels.

However, the following equivalences are acknowledged:

Spanish for Foreigners

In accordance with the additional provision of the Royal Decree 1/1992 of 10 January 1992 (published in the BOE 15-11-92), the Diploma in Spanish (Intermediate level) entitles its bearers to enrol in the advanced level of non-general language education taught at the EOIs.

This equivalence, which allow students of Spanish for foreigners to enrol directly in the 4th or 5th year, do not automatically grant the Intermediate Level Certificate.


In accordance with to the Order CLT/197/2002 of 12 June (published in the DOGC 3660), on the degrees, diplomas and certificates equivalent to the certificates of Catalan knowledge issued by the General Directorate for Language Policy:

  • Elementary Certificates (currently the Intermediate Level Certificate) issued by the EOIs is equivalent to the Intermediate Level Certificate (Level B)
  • The 4th year of the EOIs is equivalent to the Sufficiency Level Certificate (Level C)
  • The Certificate (currently the Advanced Level Certificate) issued by the EOIs is equivalent to the Higher Level Certificate (Level D)

By Order VCP/233/2010 of 12 April, these equivalences are extended to the academic year 2009-2010 and new equivalences based on the new curriculum are established.

EOI CourseEOI CertificateReference LevelEquivalence
2ndBasic LevelA2Basic Level Certificate in Catalan (A Basic)
3rdIntermediate LevelB1Elementary Level Certificate in Catalan (A Elementary)
4thAdvanced LevelB2Intermediate Level Certificate in Catalan (B)
5thC1Sufficiency Level (C)
6thC2Higher Level (D)