Time Slot Change

Time slot changes will only be accepted subject to availability and only in special cases adequately justified and documented.

Students must provide proof of a change in life circumstances after the date of enrolment. This change must make it impossible to attend the course during the chosen time slot.

Note: A change of time slot or group may entail a change in the course book. Please refer to the “Books and Reading Material” page for your language.


  1. Submission of documents:
    • Hand in the printed form along with the supporting documentation at the Department of Student Affairs.
    • Fill in the online form and attach the documents digitally.

    The form is available here. (active from the 26th of September 2018).

  2. Once accepted, the request is added to a waiting list.
  3. While on the waiting list, students can modify or cancel the request by contacting the Department of Student Affairs. If no change or modification is made, the change will be irrevocable and cannot be waivered once a vacancy is available.
  4. Students will be emailed the new time slot so that they can start attending the course.


First semester intensive courses: from the first day of class until the last school day of November.

Second semester intensive courses, and extensive courses: from the first day of class until the last school day of April.