Users can take each time: 2 books, 2 DVD, 2 music CD, 1 CD-ROM and 2 magazines.


  • A Library-CRAL user card is required to borrow documents. The card is personal and non-transferable.
  • Borrowing times vary depending on the item:
    • Media (DVD and CD): 1 week.
    • General documents (novels, grammar books, comic books…): 2 weeks (renewable twice, except for required reading books, which can not be renewed).
    • Reference books (dictionaries, atlases and other frequently used books), current issues of periodicals and course books that are required during the current academic year: cannot be borrowed.
  • You can only borrow one frequently used reference book (indicated with a blue label) for each language and classification type.
  • Borrowed items can be renewed —providing nobody else has reserved them— during the last two days of the borrowing period. You can renew them at the library or through your user account at the online catalogue.
  • Reservations can only be made through the user account at the online catalogue. Users can only have one active reservation, which has to be picked up at the library within two days after receiving the notice email. Otherwise, the reservation will be cancelled. At any one time, a document can be reserved by a maximum of two users.
  • You will be penalised for overdue items: the number of overdue days will be added up and you will not be allowed to borrow books for that same amount of days.
  • If you lose a book or return it damaged, you will have to buy a new copy (except if it was stolen, in which case you must show library staff the police theft report). Failure to return any items will result in being denied a library card the following year.
  • Users must abide by current laws on intellectual property when using borrowed items.


If you want a password for the EOIBD WiFi network, you must ask the library staff and show them your user card.