From another EOI to the EOIBD


Transferring when enrolled in the current year (ongoing enrolment)


  1. Submission of request:

  2. Requests are granted as in the order they are received and as vacancies are made available.
  3. When a vacancy is available, confirmation of acceptance is requested through an email. If the email has not been answered within a week, the vacancy is offered to the next person on the waiting list.
  4. Transfers of academic records of the current year within Catalonia do not incur fees or taxes. However, transfers from a Spanish EOI outside of Catalonia will have to pay the academic services fee (Law 20/2001 of 28 December on Taxes and Public Prices of the Generalitat of Catalonia). Students must also submit a certificate of their academic records issued during the current month.


From the first day of class until:

  • Extensive courses: 30th of april, 2025
  • 1st term intensive courses: 29th of November, 2024
  • 2nd term intensive courses: 31th of March, 2025

(If a week after deadlines the applicant has not received a reply, it is understood that the transfer was not possible).

Please note: transfers of ongoing enrolments will not be accepted during the standard enrolment dates.

Exceptional transfers for alumni in the month of JULY

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Transferring when not enrolled in the current year

  • Within Catalonia: the EOIBD completes the transfer automatically upon request.
  • Outside Catalonia: students must request the transfer at their previous EOI.