Summer course 2018

Deutsch | Français | Italiano | 中文 | по-русски

Length of program

From 02/07/18 to 27/07/18 (80 hours).


From 9:30 to 13:30, Monday to Friday.


EOI levelLevel according to the Common European Framework
1stA1 (basic user)
2ndIn the range of level A1 (basic user)
3rdIn the range of level B1 (the first level of independent user)
4thBetween levels B1 and B2 (independent user)
5thIn the range of level B2 (independent user)


338.80€ (tuition only, books not provided).


Minimum age fourteen.
Students aged 14 to 16 will be required to submit a consent form signed by their parents of legal guardians before the start of the course. The document can be sent via email to or handed in at the administration office during opening hours. Enrolment will not be completed until the signed consent note has reached administration.


Online, from 1st March. Enrolment is limited. (Places will be given on a first-come-first served basis.)

  • Enrolment will be closed as soon as available vacancies are sold out. From that moment on applicants will only be able to sign up for the waiting list.
  • If there are any vacancies left, enrolment will be only in person up and until the first day of class.
  • Should any problem or incident with the enrolment arise, please contact us at Departament de Cursos Especials.

Compulsory documentation for the registration

Applicants must attach a scanned copy of their ID or passport (scanned as a PDF or image max size 2MB every document) when processing the enrolment.


  • Payment must be made during registration by  means of a credit or debit card.
  • The registration fees will not be refunded under any circumstances if a student does not attend the course or fails to finish it.

Level test

  • First, you  must enrol;  next, you must fill in a questionnaire on your personal language history, and finally you take the level test.
  • The language history questionnaire is obligatory for all students enrolled, even if they are absolute beginners. You will find the questionnaire on the enrolment form (field addicional  information).
  • The level test is obligatory for all students enrolled, except absolute beginners, those students who’ve completed the same EOI  level in winter. In this situation, students will have to submit proof of their level.
  • Enrolment will be cancelled if

– the linguistic questionnaire is not completed
– the required level test is not taken

Students who are exempt from taking the level test

Absolute beginners  
During registration you must copy the link to the language history questionnaire and complete it within the following three days.

Students with an official level certificate  
In order to complete your registration you will need to scan your qualification onto a pdf or image format (max size 2MB)*. During registration you will be requested to copy and paste the link to the language history questionnaire, which will have to be completed within the following three days.

*If you are not in possession of your certificate of level when registering, please note so in the observations field:
EOIBD students: level, group  and teacher’s name

Students required to take the placement test 
In order to be allocated to a given level, all summer course students must:

  • copy the link to the personal language history questionnaire that can be found in the registration form, and complete it within the following three days.
  • attend the level test on July 2nd at 9.30h at the EOIBD.

Please, check your spam folder if you fail to receive a message from our Special Courses Office.

Other activities

The School organizes a supplementary program of cultural activities, in order to acquaint the student with  Spanish culture and life style.

Cultural activities include a short sight-seeing trip to places of interest in the region near Barcelona. The cost of this excursion, which is optional, is not included in the registration fee.


The School does not cater for students’ accommodation. However, the School can provide a list of available University halls of residence and apartments.

Office Hours

Note: This information  is subject to change.