“Oportunidance”, dance your way to other cultures

Do you like dancing, learning languages, meeting new people or travelling? This is your «oportunidance»!

Oportunidance «Dance your way to other cultures» is a life-long learning non-formal education project that addresses adults who are passionate by foreign languages, dancing and European culture and civilization. The project beneficiaries will improve a diversity of skills among which social interaction, communication in several foreign languages, as well as non-verbal communication through dance, active listening, self-knowledge, time and space orientation, improvisation through interaction. In the project  Oportunidance «Dance your way to other cultures», participants will get involved in motivating and innovative activities of linguistic and intercultural education, social dance, personal development, artistic expression, in order to achieve their personal objectives in a creative manner.


  1. Consolidating linguistic competences in six foreign languages – French, Romanian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese and English –  for three language levels and within four modules.
  2. Consolidating social dance competences, in order to involve as many beneficiaries as possible in creative and socializing activities, pertaining  to a healthy life style. Social dance is known for its numerous benefits in this regard.

If you join the EOIBD group (for free!) you will be able to have fun while practising foreign languages.

What to do?

  • Sign up using the online form
  • Follow some free online language courses: English, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Catalan or Spanish (you can follow as many courses as you want, there are different themes and levels !).
  • And much more!!

You can find all the information here.