C1 Enrolment

Level C1 is a refresher and specialisation course on which students spend as many hours studying and practising outside the classroom as they do in it. They need to work systematically on the language they are learning, and read and listen to different text types regularly.
The enrolment conditions are different to those of the other levels. Enrolment takes place in September, using the following procedure.

  1. Compulsory pre-enrolment for all (see the detailed calendar).
  2. Enrolment by order of score. There is no guarantee of a place.
  3. Fast-track procedure
  4. Pre-registration and enrolment link 
  5. The priority-of-access test for all languages takes place at 5 p.m. on 7 September. Please note that in the case of English you need to make sure you have been admitted to this test before attending.

 C1 English level test admissions