Information regarding specific courses

Intensive Courses

They are official courses of German, English, Catalan, Spanish and French will take place from Monday to Thursday in classes of 2 hours and 30 minutes each (10 hours per week). The total number of hours is equivalent to an extensive course (approximately 145 hours).

There are courses for 1st term (September to January) and 2nd term (January to June), but we cannot always guarantee that a time slot or level will be available in both terms.


  • The study pace is fast.
  • Classes are only available in morning time slots.

Flexible 1st and 2nd year Chinese Courses

Flexible courses are offered in two separate time periods: September to January and January to mid-June.

This means there are two separate enrolment periods. Enrolment for the 2nd semester is done in January, with the relevant information being published in December.

They are 5 hour per week courses in sessions of two hour and a half.

The fees will correspond to half the extensive course and can be checked here.

We cannot always guarantee that a time slot or level will be available in both terms.

Combined Classroom and Distance Learning

In combined classroom and distance learning courses, the workload is divided as follows:

  • Mandatory attendance to a weekly session in a classroom which lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Individual, online work on the Moodle learning environment (about 4 hours of work per week).

Therefore you must:

  • Have a computer with broadband Internet access.
  • Have good computer skills.
  • Be able to use self-learning principles with the help of the teacher.

German, French and English C1 Levels

The C1 Level is a refresher and specialisation course that was first offered for German, English and French during school year 2012-2013 on an experimental basis.


  • Taking this course requires a minimum dedication of study and practise hours outside the classroom equivalent at least to the number of class hours. Students must work systematically in the target language, aw well as read and listen to different types of texts continuously.
  • Enrolment conditions are different than those for the other levels.


Catalan C1 and C2 Levels

Catalan C1 and C2 levels began in the 2010-11 school year. They are official courses for all purposes and correspond to 5th and 6th year in the Catalan curriculum. They are equivalent to the C and D levels of the Direcció General de Política Lingüística respectively. Refer to the equivalence table. They are taught as intensive courses in the mornings and in combined classroom and distance learning in the afternoons.