And furthermore…

During the year 2018-19 the EOIBD will also offer the following courses (apart from the official ones):

Teacher trainingOnline Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Persian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish and Urdu
B2+Dutch, English, French (face-to-face and online), German (face-to-face and online) and Greek
C1+English, French, German (face-to-face and online), Greek and Italian
"Take it easy"Dutch, English and German
Speaking supportEnglish
MonographicEnglish, German, Greek, Italian, Russian and Spanish
Reading clubs
Cinema clubs
Series clubs
EOIBD 14-16 (languages for teenagers)
OnlineArabic, French and German (B2+ and C1+)
Conversation groups
Preparation for certificate exams aimed at external candidates

We will soon post all the information on our website.