Mission, vision and values


The Official Language School of Barcelona-Drassanes (EOIBD) is a public language school where students can learn 18 different languages. We offer courses on specialised language, culture, language teacher training, etc. We also issue language proficiency certificates through unified and validated tests that match up with the levels established in the Common European Framework of Reference.

Our courses are aimed at the citizens of Catalonia who are at least 16 years of age (14 for languages not studied during secondary education) and who are interested in learning different languages as the expression of a culture, and who want to certify their language proficiency in an efficient and affordable way to further their personal and professional development. The EOIBD helps in creating a multilingual model of society that fosters tolerance and equality through what can be learnt from and with one another and positions itself as a social space that acts as a multicultural meeting point.


Our school wants to be a reference for other EOIs in Catalonia and to contribute to them through ideas and training.

We want to become a model of internal and external management and communication thanks to good technological resources, the selection and welcoming of new teachers, teacher evaluation, establishing educational practices and developing online learning materials. All this in order to satisfy the increasing social demand for strong language skills by using blended and standard classroom modalities, which are complemented with engaging interactive activities outside of the classroom.

The EOIBD aims to meet social demand with the addition of new languages, new learning levels and any specific courses that may derive from them.


  • Willingness to live up to changes through innovation
  • Fostering interaction between departments in order to achieve a common culture within the school
  • Work organisation based on the school’s independence
  • Open and receptive attitude towards society’s demands
  • Shared and cooperative leadership
  • Professional attitude
  • Responsibility among all the educational community’s members