50th anniversary EOI Barcelona-Drassanes

The EOI Barcelona-Drassanes opened its doors in January 1971. Since then it has been teaching languages and shaping thoughts.

(La Vanguardia, 17/01/1971)

After a one-year delay caused by the pandemic, we will finally be able to celebrate our 50th anniversary.


· December 16, 2022: Closing Ceremony


· November 25, 2022: EOI TALENT!

Below you have some pictures of the contest. Music, singing, dance, juggling, drag… EOI’s got talent!

· November 18, 2022


· November 2022: EOIBD 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book

It can be found at the school library.


· October 20, 2022: MAIN CELEBRATION

It was a touching and inclusive ceremony, which showed who we are and what we want to be in the future.
Below you have the recording of the whole ceremony and some pictures.


· From June: Exhibition “50 Years Teaching Languages, 50 Years Shaping Thoughts”

· Alongside the exhibition: Clue Game on the EOIBD 50th anniversary.

This game has been designed not only for the school students but for anyone who would like to know more about our school: where we come from and what we are like. If you finish the game, you will have a surprise!


· From April 2022: Wish Tree (at the school entrance area).


· April 19-22: Love Songs in 15 Languages.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the EOIBD, for Sant Jordi we prepared a special gift for everyone: 15 love songs in the 15 official languages of the school which were chosen and translated by our teachers and students. Enjoy them with your loved ones!

· Do not miss the following video for a short message from our School Director, Joana Àlvarez!



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